From the start of a song’s creation, to its playback to your listener’s ears, I can offer ideas, training, guidance, musical accompaniment, audio recording and mixing, and project management, all customized to fit your needs and your budget.

From songwriting instruction to recording and mixing, whether your goal is to record song demos or tracks for public release, whatever you need – I’ll either provide it for you, or help you find the experts who can.

Any or all of these services might interest you for your next project.  Let’s discuss how to get you to your musical goals.

Song Critiques

Send a copy of your song (audio recording and lyric sheet), and I’ll analyze the structure and pacing, rhythms, harmonic and melodic movement, lyrics and their setting, all to highlight the strengths and discover the opportunities to improve your song’s effectiveness.  You retain all songwriter rights and ownership.

You can choose to receive an email with your song analysis, or add a phone/video chat to discuss the findings.

Song Coaching

No artist or producer can create a compelling recording of a song that isn’t ready for its time in the sun.  Let me take a deep look at what’s working under the covers of your songwriting, and find opportunities to strengthen all the parts to deliver your intention in its best light.

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I can help you decide what instrumentation will best serve your purpose, and get those instruments working together in the arrangement.

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On-location, in the studio, or online in real-time from your location to mine, I can capture your live sound and combine it with programmed instruments.  I can help you find musicians, near or far, and work through the recording process to help you sound your best.

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Audio Editing

Getting it right at the editing stage can make or break your song.  I believe in removing unwanted noise, correcting pitchy vocals, tightening up instrument parts and ensemble vocals, and removing any distractions from the power within your recordings.

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Whether you record with me or in another studio, even if you record some or all of the tracks yourself, I can take a fresh look at the recordings and mix them to bring out all the energy, emotion, and sonic joy that you imagined from the beginning.

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Podcast Editing

Just like musical audio, a podcast needs to sound great to keep an audience’s attention.  Whether it’s editing your podcast to keep the best parts, applying improvements to the sound of your podcast, or even removing noise and distractions (animal noises, traffic noises, etc.), I can help your podcast sound natural (or unnatural, if that’s what you’re after) and keep the attention of your audience.

Helping You Learn

Do you simply wish you could learn more about the process?  I can help you boost your skills in songwriting, performance, audio production, and finding your way around the music business.  I teach one-on-one, and also in a classroom setting, in-person and over video chat.

At the end of the day, this is all about YOU and YOUR MUSIC.  I take pride in helping you and your songs succeed.