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Pass The Popcorn, Please

Sometimes, in the music business, we find ourselves wondering whether we're creating something that has a market, or feeling pressure to create something that doesn't feel authentic, for the sake of a bigger market, or just feeling the dreaded "imposter syndrome" because we observe another artist enjoying a level of success that we feel is… Continue reading Pass The Popcorn, Please


Calling All Harmony Singers

On stage and in the studio, everybody has a job to do, and you can be your best when you consider how your part supports the bigger picture.  In musical arrangement, the contribution of each performer will satisfy one or more of the following: establishing or supporting the groove/rhythm establishing or supporting a counter-rhythm establishing… Continue reading Calling All Harmony Singers


There’s Gotta Be a Song In That…

Sometimes, there's a danger inherent with allowing the people around you to know that you are a songwriter.  People who do not write songs are usually quite helpless to understand the mysterious process that allows us to create music from nothingness.  And that helplessness usually leads to some very entertaining suggestions. We Are Social Creatures… Continue reading There’s Gotta Be a Song In That…


The Song Title – More Than Just a Label

In songwriting, as in life, it’s always a good idea to listen when opportunity knocks at the door.  And when we’re considering the first thing a listener will probably hear about your song, and the key by which they will ultimately file it in their memory, there’s a huge opportunity to consider. That’s right, I’m… Continue reading The Song Title – More Than Just a Label


“Every Time I Record Myself, It Sounds Terrible.” Part Nine – Speak Up!

(To read this series from the beginning, start here.) If you’ve followed this series from the start – WOW, you are hungry for information, and you have also proven your strength by sticking with me through the whole story! We’re nearing the finish line.  Take a deep breath and we’ll get there together.  It’s time now… Continue reading “Every Time I Record Myself, It Sounds Terrible.” Part Nine – Speak Up!