Mixing is more than adding the tracks and pushing up the volume faders.  Allister takes great care in chiselling away the obstructions to expose the beauty lying within, and using audio sculpting tools to feature all the elements of your performance.  It’s about making your song sound its best wherever you may hear it – big speakers or small, over a supermarket p.a., in your car, and through your headphones.

Do you think your tracks are already perfect?  Maybe they’re great, but give us a chance to see how your mix can have more impact, more excitement, more emotion.

Is this a subjective art?  ABSOLUTELY.  That’s possibly the best reason to choose one mixer over another.  It’s because you want to make use of their judgement, their taste.

Don’t forget – you’re still in control here.  We’ll give you a mix we think works for your song, and then we’ll make sure that you’re happy, with a few rounds of revisions available to you.

Check out the Testimonials to see what Allister has been able to offer other songwriters and artists, and listen through the Samples to see how you feel about Allister’s taste in mixing.