Recording is where the rubber meets the road, so to speak.  It is exciting and sometimes a little scary, but overall it is so much fun to bring your song to life.

I have recorded in many different environments, from pristine, gorgeous multi-million-dollar recording spaces to concrete-walled hotel rooms, all with terrific results.  Nowadays, there are some great reasons why you may not want to record in a purpose-built recording studio – cost being a significant reason – and modern technology has removed many barriers to collaborating on a recording project.  I have worked with musicians in Australia, the United Kingdom, Spain, Nashville, New York and across Canada,  all over the internet, to achieve collaborations that would otherwise be unattainable on a modest budget.  So keep in mind that when we start the conversation of how we might go about recording your song(s), I’m all about flexibility.  We can track in purpose-built studios, in your own home, almost anywhere you can imagine, and we can even record across the internet from your location to mine, in real-time.  We can include contributions from musicians half a world away, and I can even work with tracks you have already recorded to help keep your budget in check.

Let’s talk about how we can get the best recording for your creative gems.

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