About Tilted White Shed

Tilted White Shed is the site of Allister Bradley’s musical operations.  It is more than a recording studio – it aims to provide anything you need to make the music that moves you.  We want to start with what makes you, and your music, unique and awesome, and use our skills, experience and taste to help you achieve your musical goals.

Is it actually inside a tilted white shed?  No, although there was once a charming, though tilted, white shed on the property.  The metaphor of the tilted white shed is meant to represent a cozy, friendly, unpretentious place in which to work out musical ideas.

Who We Are

Tilted White Shed is operated by Allister Bradley, who enlists partners from near and far when needed for a project.

Allister has been a professional songwriter, recording artist, performer, and audio recording technician since the turn of the century (see www.allisterbradley.com).  His love of music and his respect for musicians and creators, along with his keen ear and experience in both songwriting and production, come together to offer a strong and unique “secret weapon” for making your songs stand out.

Allister has proudly served as a director of the SongStudio songwriting workshop (www.songstudio.ca) since 2009, working with dozens of performing and non-performing songwriters to improve their craft, and has recorded demos and full releases alike for dozens of Canadian artists.  He has released three of his own albums of original music, earning critical praise and award nominations for his songwriting.

Our Clients

Our clients are typically songwriters and independent recording artists.  Some come strictly for help with their songwriting, others for mixing of their projects for release, and some for the whole package of song coaching and production.