Here for You and Your Music

Hello!  Welcome to Tilted White Shed Music Services!

What is Tilted White Shed?  Well, picture a musical tool shed, filled with the tools you might use to get your project started, finished, or just moving forward. 

Why is it Tilted?  Why is it White?  First things first.  I wrote about a tilted white shed in a song about remembering the things we grew up with, and then later I moved into a house that had another tilted white shed.  Coincidence?  Yeah, of course, but I liked the synergy.  Secondly, I’m the last person who would try to woo you with splashy, fancy, needlessly luxurious facilities.  That’s just not my style.  For me, it’s all about getting the job done and enjoying the journey, not about proving that I’m classier than the next guy.  So I guess my metaphorical shed isn’t perfectly straight.  That’s okay with me – it’s the music that’s important.  YOUR MUSIC

That’s right – YOU, and YOUR music.  I know you’ve worked hard to make music that moves you, music that says what you want to say.  But maybe you’re stuck, and you don’t know how to get it ready for release.  Maybe you’re finding that your listeners aren’t moved by your music as much as you’ve hoped, and you could use a little help with the songwriting.  Whether you’re ready to record it, perform it live, pitch it to an artist, or release it to the world, I want to see your music reach your listener’s ears, and more than that, I want to see them react to your songs the way you’ve always dreamed.

I’m here to help.

I’m here to help make your songs more emotionally powerful, more catchy, more remarkable, and more accessible to your musical tribe.  I can help you rewrite your songs, record them, mix them, and get them into the ears of your ideal fans.  Maybe you’re a podcaster, or a videographer, and you could use some help making your work sound awesome?  I can help.

Any way I can, I’d love to help you build on the great work you’ve done up to now.

I’ve served clients near and far, from Vancouver to Newfoundland, the U.S., U.K., Denmark, even as far away as Sydney, Australia.  I serve both my local area – Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge, Stratford, Guelph, the Toronto area – and beyond, either in-person or online.

Whether you live close to my Wellesley, Ontario location, or far away, whether you are writing songs, recording podcasts, shooting videos, or performing live, I can offer services to help you on your way to making great media and sharing it with your fans.

Check out the samples of my work, and contact me to let me know what you’re looking for to bring your music to life!

“I felt the immense support he had that we’d get it right throughout the process even when I wasn’t so sure.”

Vinitha, songwriter/recording artist

“Allister is able to take your vision and execute it to the highest degree.”

SH3, singer/songwriter/producer

“I thought I would be in for a standard recording session. What I got instead was a coach, a mentor, a songwriter, a resource, a background vocalist, a technician, a centre of influence, a friend and more!”

smokin’ joe wiseman – songwriter/recording artist