“Allister treated recording my debut single with as much importance as I did, which is SO important as someone who is already feeling the pinch. Not only did I feel that the stakes were just as high for him, I also felt the immense support he had that we’d get it right throughout the process even when I wasn’t so sure.”

Vinitha, Singer/Songwriter



“Allister listens, which is SO important when mixing a record. Not only to levels and other technicalities, but he is able to take your vision and execute it to the highest degree.”

Sh3, Singer/Songwriter/Producer


Cy James

“Allister combines three critical skill sets needed to bring out the best in an artist and present them in the best possible light:

1 – A knowledge of the tools – how to make things work the way they ought to, taking advantage of all the latest and greatest technologies to help anyone punch well above their weight.

2 – A great feel for the music and what the artist is trying to express – both figuratively and emotionally.   In my experience, he always found a way to understand the inspiration and get on the same page.

3 – An understanding of the need to understand the person he is working with.  This allows him to get the best out of the artist, knowing when and how to challenge them to be the absolute best they can be.  He’s settles for nothing less. 

I would highly recommend Allister for anyone seeking production and related services – from inspired amateur to seasoned professional.   If you want a personalized experience, he’s the guy.   The recording and production of my CD was one of the most rewarding, enjoyable experiences I’ve ever had…  And the unplanned bonus is that I made a great friend.”

Cy James, Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist



Catherine M. Thompson

“In July 2012, I first attended SongStudio and met Allister Bradley. Gentle, tireless, and always smiling – Allister. By the summer of 2013, I had gained the confidence to ask for a fly-by demo session and help with a song that needed a B section. Not only did Allister patiently explain, he helped write said B section. I remain thrilled to have co-written ‘Lie to Me or Leave Me’ with Allister, not only for the resulting demo but for the Catherine M Thompson Song Project: ‘Cool Cat’ – with Allister at the keys!

As an a Capella singer-songwriter, I often find it difficult to perform with musicians. But there is a natural simpatico that comes of working with Allister – he listens and he gets it. I know he will stay with me. So, it has been my pleasure to sing at many SongStudio open mics with Allister’s accompaniment.

Our biggest adventure so far was ‘Cool Cat’, of course. Looking for a way to score or chart the single, ‘Swing Daddy’, I spent a couple of afternoons in Allister’s studio, working out backup vocals and interludes. Naturally, in 2016, when Chris Birkett produced ‘Cool Cat’, I wanted Allister to join the musicians at Revolution Studios. Allister’s jazz and electric piano can be heard on six of the seven tracks. For launch rehearsals, Allister led the seven-piece band, patient as always, organized, and the strongest support a singer-songwriter might need. Our ‘Cool Cat’ launch series took place in early 2017, at Free Times Café in Toronto, Taste of Columbia in Bronte, and C’est What? in Toronto. I knew Allister would be there to lead and to solve any issue that arose, from which mic I should use, to where each musician best fit the different performances spaces.

SongStudio 2018 will be my seventh. I look forward to seeing Allister and working with him again, knowing that any song I present to the class or at an open mic will be caught clearly by his recording genius.”

Catherine M. Thompson, Singer/Songwriter


Chris Madronich

“I had the pleasure of having a recording session with Allister a couple months ago. We banged out two songs, start to finish, in one session. Guitar, vocals, percussion, everything – just the two of us. It is not typical that you can bang out two songs on a budget, in a single evening and be happy with the result.

The short of it – I love them both. The long – I entered both songs in the Canadian Songwriting Competition and both have made it on to the semi finals in three categories, and one is in the final round.

Allister is amazing to work with. He is a songwriter by heart, and he is not afraid to say if a lyric does not sit right, or a melody could be changed – this is what separates him from other recording engineers/producers. He is able to figure out the nature of your song and work with you to ensure the message gets across musically and lyrically. Not to mention, he is really fun to work with. I would highly recommend Allister for all recording purposes. I would also recommend him for any songwriting consultation, especially before you record so that your song is seamless before entering the studio. And finally I would recommend him as a session player, because he slays at the keys big time.”

Chris Madronich, AKA “Gravely James”


Joanne Ingrassia

“I have enjoyed both song coaching and recording with Allister and he has been a joy to work with! His calm style, professionalism, and enthusiasm for what you bring to the table is appreciated and helpful, especially for songwriters who may not regularly perform which can sometimes influence how a song comes across.

He’s incredibly efficient when it comes to recording. At SongStudio, we laid down a song in just over an hour, and with his additional engineering, a fully produced cut was delivered in ‘record’ time!

On songwriting, he listens with his ears and his heart. He will ask what your song is trying to convey, and then let you know if he heard that or not, and if not, how you could work on the song for clarity or better expression. You do the work, but he is there to guide and coach.

On the composing side, as a gifted musician himself, he can suggest structural changes, even sometimes just a poignant chord adjustment, that can mean all the difference between an okay song and one that soars. Really! And those coaching pieces have gone on to help me write better songs and experiment more. He instils confidence that you can do it!

I’m looking forward to continuing to work with and be inspired by Allister. I highly recommend him!”

Joanne Ingrassia, Singer/Songwriter


Smokin’ Joe Wiseman

“Allister Bradley is the real deal!

I met Allister at SongStudio in Toronto nigh on 10 years ago. What struck me about Allister was his sincere interest in my music and the sound I was trying to develop. I thought I would be in for a standard recording session. What I got instead was a coach, a mentor, a songwriter, a resource, a background vocalist, a technician, a centre of influence, a friend and more! It all came at a very reasonable price. Well worth the time and a bargain to boot!”

Smokin’ Joe Wiseman, Newfoundland, Canada.