Pricing these services depends on a huge number of variables, and no two projects are the same, so it will be best for us to discuss the nature of your project.  For some projects, it will be better for you to consider an hourly rate, and for others, I can fix a price.

As a starting point, here are suggested pricing for my services.  Depending on your project, I may be able to offer lower prices.

  • Song Critiques (by email) – $50
  • Song Critiques (including 30-minute phone/video chat) – $75
  • Song Coaching (in-person or video chat) – $75/hour, you retain ALL writer’s share in your song
  • Recording – in-studio, on location or online realtime from your location.  Contact for more information.
  • Session Musician/Vocalist – contact for more information
  • Audio Editing – $75/hour – including noise removal/cleanup
  • Vocal Comping – $75/track
  • Vocal Tuning – $75/track
  • Mixing – $400/song – excludes editing (see above)
  • Full Song Production – typically $1000/song
  • Podcast Editing/Mixing – $99 per 30 minutes of Podcast content
  • Education (for songwriters, musicians, artists) – $75/hour one-on-one instruction

All above prices are in Canadian Dollars, plus applicable taxes.  Most services require partial payment up-front, with balance payable on completion of project.

Why don’t you get in touch and let me know what you’re up to?  We can discuss your needs and estimate the size of your project.  Your satisfaction is very important to me.

Optimizing For Your Budget

There are many ways I can creatively work within your budget.  If we’re working to an hourly rate, I want to balance the time we invest against any anxiety that comes from watching the clock tick.  If we’re working to a fixed price, I want to make sure we get the best use of your time and my time.  Either way, this is all about being creative and enjoying the process, so know that I’ll work very hard to keep your budget in mind.