Song Coaching

There are few things in songwriting more disappointing than spending time, energy and money to record your song, only to have it fail to reach your listeners because the song isn’t yet all that it wants to be.  I sincerely want the best outcome for your songs, and would rather spend a little extra time on pre-production if it will make your song land more effectively in your listeners’ ears.

This is not an exercise in telling you that your song sucks, and it’s not an attempt to grab a co-writing credit or a piece of your royalties.  This is us putting our heads together, to find a way to help your song reach deeper into your listener’s mind and heart, and keep them listening longer.

My approach is to mine for gold in the song you’ve written, and discover its primary intention.  It’s about pulling the ideas out of your head, not about suggesting ideas that aren’t yours.  Together we can find opportunities to strengthen all the parts – lyrics, melodies, harmonies, groove – to deliver your intention in its best light.

Fear not – for this is not a scary experience.  I truly love to dig into songs to see where their power lies, and especially where that power is being held back.  This will be work – make no mistake – but it’s a collaborative experience, putting both of our brains together towards a joyful outcome.

We can do this at a distance – over Zoom or another video chat tool – or in person.

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