Chris Madronich

“I had the pleasure of having a recording session with Allister a couple months ago. We banged out two songs, start to finish, in one session. Guitar, vocals, percussion, everything – just the two of us. It is not typical that you can bang out two songs on a budget, in a single evening and be happy with the result.

The short of it – I love them both. The long – I entered both songs in the Canadian Songwriting Competition and both have made it on to the semi finals in three categories, and one is in the final round.

Allister is amazing to work with. He is a songwriter by heart, and he is not afraid to say if a lyric does not sit right, or a melody could be changed – this is what separates him from other recording engineers/producers. He is able to figure out the nature of your song and work with you to ensure the message gets across musically and lyrically. Not to mention, he is really fun to work with. I would highly recommend Allister for all recording purposes. I would also recommend him for any songwriting consultation, especially before you record so that your song is seamless before entering the studio. And finally I would recommend him as a session player, because he slays at the keys big time.”

Chris Madronich, AKA “Gravely James”

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