Joanne Ingrassia

“I have enjoyed both song coaching and recording with Allister and he has been a joy to work with! His calm style, professionalism, and enthusiasm for what you bring to the table is appreciated and helpful, especially for songwriters who may not regularly perform which can sometimes influence how a song comes across.

He’s incredibly efficient when it comes to recording. At SongStudio, we laid down a song in just over an hour, and with his additional engineering, a fully produced cut was delivered in ‘record’ time!

On songwriting, he listens with his ears and his heart. He will ask what your song is trying to convey, and then let you know if he heard that or not, and if not, how you could work on the song for clarity or better expression. You do the work, but he is there to guide and coach.

On the composing side, as a gifted musician himself, he can suggest structural changes, even sometimes just a poignant chord adjustment, that can mean all the difference between an okay song and one that soars. Really! And those coaching pieces have gone on to help me write better songs and experiment more. He instils confidence that you can do it!

I’m looking forward to continuing to work with and be inspired by Allister. I highly recommend him!”

Joanne Ingrassia, Singer/Songwriter

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