Cy James

“Allister combines three critical skill sets needed to bring out the best in an artist and present them in the best possible light:

1 – A knowledge of the tools – how to make things work the way they ought to, taking advantage of all the latest and greatest technologies to help anyone punch well above their weight.

2 – A great feel for the music and what the artist is trying to express – both figuratively and emotionally.   In my experience, he always found a way to understand the inspiration and get on the same page.

3 – An understanding of the need to understand the person he is working with.  This allows him to get the best out of the artist, knowing when and how to challenge them to be the absolute best they can be.  He’s settles for nothing less. 

I would highly recommend Allister for anyone seeking production and related services – from inspired amateur to seasoned professional.   If you want a personalized experience, he’s the guy.   The recording and production of my CD was one of the most rewarding, enjoyable experiences I’ve ever had…  And the unplanned bonus is that I made a great friend.”

Cy James, Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist


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