Keeping it Real

Don’t Forget to Celebrate

Making art, and finding a market for art, is a difficult business. We don’t do it for the dreams of making lots of money; we do it because we can’t NOT do it. An artist has found a calling, a purpose, and fulfilling that purpose is ultimately more rewarding than a paycheque. Don’t get me wrong, the paycheque is a fine thing, a wonderful thing, but it is not the reason we make art.

So it is absolutely essential that we take every opportunity to celebrate the moments that make this career special.

Remember to thank yourself for committing to a goal and seeing it through.

Remember to thank your partners for their support in your pursuit of excellence.

Remember to thank the teachers who helped you understand how to realize this part of your purpose.

And remember to take a moment, every day, to look back at where you started and how far you have come. Yes, you still have some ground to cover, but for this moment, give yourself pause to celebrate your achievements.

Way to go!

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