FREE Songwriting Workshop: Roadblock #5 – You Can Keep A Secret All Too Well

Here we are again, discussing roadblocks that just keep holding your song back from reaching your audience and blowing their minds and hearts. Feel free to review parts one, two, three and four in this series before diving in here. Then keep your wallet closed and enjoy another free analysis of your songwriting without even sharing a single note.

My Kingdom for A Great Intro

Picture this: you’re on stage, performing for an adoring crowd, ready to share with them your newest composition. You’ve written a beautiful, witty and touching introduction to your song which will help the audience understand the words you’re about to sing. But just at that moment, from backstage, your manager (because we all have managers, right?) whispers “three minutes” to tell you that you’re rapidly approaching the end of your set.

You perform the song without the introduction, and realize that your audience is not struck by emotion, they’re not really understanding the message of your song, and you curse your luck for running too long and sacrificing that crucial introduction which would have made all the difference.

Suddenly, it hits you: that important information which is crucial to understanding the song – it should be IN the song.

You must not rely on the introduction in order for your song to make sense, because too often you won’t get the chance to tell that introduction.

Reveal The Secrets

Only YOU know the full story of your song, and it’s far too easy to forget that simple fact. We’ve all done it – left out some important part of the story and felt as if we could solve the problem by revealing the secrets in an introduction before the song begins.

Instead, take those important details, and WRITE THEM INTO THE SONG. Show your hand, reveal your secrets, expose the man behind the curtain. Because only then, can your song reach into your listeners’ minds and hearts, and touch their experience in a way that moves them.

Think about the introduction you would need to write, in order for your song to be its most impactful. Then, ask yourself, “why aren’t those details in the song already?”

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