No Apologies

Time for a little venting.

Even if you’re Canadian, don’t ever say “sorry” to your audience.

Don’t qualify your performance by explaining that your song is too new for a great performance, or that you haven’t had time to learn your friend’s favourite song properly.  If you’re going to step up on stage and perform, then give the audience something special, as a “thank you” for their support.  Be the performer that they wish they could be.  Don’t be mediocre – be remarkable.

And forget the all-too-familiar “Here’s a song I wrote, I really hope you like it”.  How about trying this one on for size:  “Here’s a song I wrote.  You’re going to love it”.  Occupy the stage, and exercise your authority.  You’re up on stage for a reason – to entertain.  Take the job seriously.

Here endeth the sermon.

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