Keeping it Real, Performance

Unprepared and Unremarkable Look the Same

I love my clients. I can’t offer a “friends and family” discount on what I do, because all of my clients become my friends and family. So when one of my clients fails, I feel it. I truly want the biggest success for all of my clients.

Let’s all save ourselves some pain, with one simple request: if you aren’t prepared to do the work, stay home.

When you’ve spent countless days, weeks, months or years writing your best songs, and then maybe brought them to life with fantastic arrangements and recordings, the job is still not done yet. At some point, you’re going to step onto a stage, alone or with a band, and give an audience a taste of what you’ve created. If that moment comes and you play the wrong chords, or forget your lyrics, or forget to actually perform FOR the audience, then you’ve wasted all the work that came before that.

Prepare fully for your live show. Plan the stories you’ll tell between songs. Rehearse with your band – not just the music, but the visual parts of your show as well. If you’re not happy with the way a song is going in rehearsal, fix it in rehearsal. Practice the performance until it is the best it can be, until it shows everything that is special about you and your music.

Because anything less than that, when you deliver that live performance, is just going to look unremarkable.

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